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Cuppng Therapy, Kamloops

Cupping Therapy

individualized treatments available here in Kamloops

What does cupping do:


The primary objective of cupping therapy is to move qi and blood and remove stagnation of any kind from the body. Recent studies have shown that cupping therapy has many therapeutic effects including:

  • increase in blood circulation

  • reduction in pain, swelling, inflammation, and muscle spasm

  • better flow of synovial fluids in the joints

  • strengthens the digestive function and absorption of nutrients

  • detoxifies the blood

  • stimulate the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems creating an overall well being


What to expect:

During the treatment the patient should experience a pulling, stretching, warming sensation on the skin, but not pain. If the cupping is too uncomfortable, please tell your practitioner.


After cupping therapy, the patient will most likely have slight markings at the site of the treatment. The extent of the markings depends on the length and strength of the treatment session. The markings usually fade within a few days but may last up to a week or two. The markings will usually appear worst after the first treatment but as the circulation improves and stagnation is removed with each treatment, the marking will decrease.


After treatment, it is normal to feel a little light-headed and a little thirsty. It is important for the patient to take his or her time when getting up from the treatment table and to drink some water directly after treatment. In the winter, it is important to stay warm and covered after treatment because the pores are open and susceptible to external pathogens directly after a cupping session.

When is cupping therapy applicable:

Fiona will recommending adding cupping therapy to your treatment plan if she feels it will be beneficial for you and your main concern. Cupping is beneficial for most types of muscle pain and general relaxation.

Please email Fiona with any further questions about cupping or check out her informative blog post.

Cupping Therapy: Our Therapies
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