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Fiona Lampman R.TCM.P

Registered Acupuncturist, TCM Herbalist, Community Herbalist, Reiki Practitioner, and Trained Doula in Kamloops, BC

In my experience, life leads you along certain paths for a reason. I truly believe that the way I fell into my passion for acupuncture and energy healing is proof of this. I grew up in Northern Ontario roaming through forests and swimming in cool waters with no knowledge of acupuncture. After attending Thompson Rivers University (University College of the Cariboo at the time), it took moving abroad to South Korea to open my eyes to this new way of seeing life in its continual flux of yin and yang and the struggle to maintain balance no matter what the universe might throw your way.

After studying acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for four years at the ICTCMV in Vancouver and achieving my goal of Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, my journey continues.  Every day I am learning further my studies particularly in the field of acupuncture for fertility, pre/postnatal care and all forms of herbal medicine forming growing to wildcrafting to making my own salves and tinctures.   

Almost directly out of acupuncture school I opened Gathered Roots Community Acupuncture in downtown New Westminster and for eight amazing years Gathered Roots was my passion. Gathered Roots continues to thrive while I am planting new roots here in Kamloops. Please join me on this journey and stay tuned for updates as new paths unfold.

Specialised Studies:

Canadian Herb Conference 2022 (multiple speakers and topics)

Community Herbalist Program with Pacific Rim College

Maternity Acupuncture Mentoring And Peer Support (MAMPS) Program 

Maternity Acupuncture: Developing Confidence and Credibility with Debra Betts

Maternity Acupuncture Care: Problem Solving Through Clinical Scenarios with Debra Betts, Claudia Citkovitz, and Sarah Budd 

Using Acupuncture during Pregnancy, Labour, and Postpartum with Debra Betts

Nurturing the Fetus with Debra Betts and Sabine Wilms

Acupressure for Birth and Beyond with Debra Betts and Tom Kennedy 

Practical Skills for a Successful Fertility and Pregnancy Clinic with Jani White

Birth Doula Certificate (DONA International) with Virginia Towers 

Integrative Fertility Conference 2015 (multiple speakers over four days)

Advance Techniques in Tradition Chinese Medicine Cupping Therapy with Ilkay Chirali

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