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Acupuncture Treatment Timing for IUI

The following is the ideal situation but of course life sometimes isn't ideal. Acupuncture treatments can be started during any part of your IUI cycle and still help increase rates of conception and live birth.

Preparing Your Body For IUI

It is best to start treatment at least one month to three months before your planned IUI cycle. These treatments are usually once per week and they focus on preparing you and your body for the procedure. These treatments are individually based according to your specific issues. It may be to focus on regulating your cycle, reducing stress, optimizing ovulation etc.

During Your IUI Cycle

Period: One treatment during your flow can help promote a full bleed to make sure all old endometrial lining is shed and create a new base to start from.

Follicular Phase: During this time it is best to try and fit in 2-4 treatments. These treatments are the most important in creating circulation in the uterus and ovaries to stimulate early follicle and endometrium development.

Pre and Post Treatments for IUI Procedure: If possible, it is recommend to have a treatment just before and just after your IUI procedure. The pre-treatment focuses on continued circulation in the uterus, relaxation, and softening the cervix. The post-treatment focuses on relaxation and calming any uterine contractions.

Implantation: One treatment is recommended within the window of implantation, about 6 days after the procedure. This treatment continues to relax the mind and body encouraging implantation as well as maintaining high progesterone levels.

Follow Up

Once a week treatments can continue until pregnancy is confirmed and throughout the first trimester. Acupuncture during the first trimester is especially useful for women this a history of miscarriage, morning sickness, or other early pregnancy issues.

Please call or email if you have any further questions or would like to set up appoints to optimize your IUI cycle.

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