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Experiencing Acupuncture for the First Time

Maddi's first ever acupuncture session.

Last Friday Maddi visited Gathered Roots Acupuncture for her first session with Fiona Lampman, registered acupuncturist and owner/operator.

If you are anything like myself, the thought of voluntarily having someone tap needles into your skin, without the result of a beautiful piece of art (I myself have 4 tattoos), isn't high on my 'to-do list'. When I started at the BIA I never imagined I would be hypnotized (see article here), massaged (see article here) or acupunctured all in a day's work. All three therapies were quite foreign to me, especially hypnosis and acupuncture but I was pleasantly surprised with all sessions!

Gathered Roots Acupuncture is a community style acupuncture clinic on Columbia Street. They provide affordable acupuncture treatments in a warm and welcoming multi-bed atmosphere. Other services include Reiki sessions and Cupping Therapy (both of which I am curious to try, ahem Fiona, *cough *cough).

Not having a specific issue to treat, Fiona took an overall well-being approach to my session. Placing two needles in my forehead, one in each hand, four in each knee, one in each shin and two in each foot, my first thought was 'human pin cushion'. Once I was used to the lightweight yet foreign objects, I settled in quite nicely under the portable infrared heat lamp and closed my eyes. After a relaxing half hour, Fiona removed the needles, which was even less noticeable then the initial insertions.

Fiona is a master at her craft but also brings a calming energy to an intimidating form of therapy (the name has puncture in it!). Scary as it may sound, acupuncture alleviates pain and inflammation, cold and flu symptoms, stress, anxiety and depression (the list goes on).

Visit Fiona at 328 Columbia Street, because for the sake of sounding corny, I'm sure glad I did!

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