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Newbies Give Cupping Therapy a Try

Checking Out Cupping in Downtown New West

The 2014 Summer Ambassadors go on an adventure to Gathered Roots Community Accupuncture in Downtown New West, and try a treatment by Fiona Lampman.

Adventure time! The Summer Am-badass-adors recently headed out for a field trip to Gathered Roots Community Acupuncture which included Ebony getting a cupping treatment while Sarah looked on and took pictures! Ebony LOVED it. Fiona was gentle and skillful, lulling the Ambassador into a calm limbo state while discussing the ins and outs of cups with Sarah during. It was a calm and relaxing space, and Ebony was totally spaced out!

Here’s the story of what happened.

Fiona began the treatment by spreading oil on Ebony, grape seed oil, although she said any all natural oil without additives would work, even olive oil. Fiona gets hers from Donald’s Market. The oil is essential for lubricating the skin, allowing the cups to slide smoothly and provides the fluid massage feel Ebony was so stoked on. Fiona worked through the cupping in stages moving from soft to strong, checking in with Ebony as she went, (who was honestly mostly asleep at this point).

To suction the cups to her back Fiona lit 99% rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab and heated the inside of each cup, placing them quickly on the skin creating a vacuum seal and suction cup sound when removed. Even Sarah was relaxed and sleepy in the combination of soothing music, good scents and warm dimly lit room. When she was done Ebony was still mostly asleep, and so relaxed that she looked like she had been clubbed over the head and was feeling rather dazed. Fiona let us in on the fact that most people feel a sort of euphoric feeling after wards, as well as maybe a bit of light headedness.

Cupping as we discussed with Fiona after wards, has a multitude of health benefits, and can be applied literally anywhere on the body. From joint pain to facial rejuvenation, Fiona explained the different tips and tricks she uses to promote wellness and natural bodily healing. Cupping feels like an overall fluid and relaxing massage, the moving cups create the flow, and help Fiona to find the knots which the stationary cups focus on and draw out. Cupping can be done alone or in combination with acupuncture depending on the case. Cupping stimulates blood flow and circulation, which loosens the tight muscles within the body. It even helps with digestive distress! It detoxifies and stimulates blood flow, the slight marking on Ebony’s back were visual monuments to the toxins being pulled from her system.

So if you’re sore, or tired, or really just about anything, make sure to check in with Fiona Lampman at Gathered Roots Community Acupuncture. She’ll have you sorted out and relaxed as Ebony in no time! -The Summer Am-badass-adors

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